Who We Are

We raise and sell a mixed grass hay consisting of Rye, Bahia, Coastal and Jigs, as well as Bermuda. We are a small producer which gives us better control of the end product.

We soil test every year often more than once and adjust our fertilization accordingly. We sparingly use herbicide to control weeds and unwanted vegetation. We have our hay tested and monitor all values to give you, our customer, the best product we can, and look for the highest digestibility and nutrient content possible.

We triple wrap our round bales for durability and longevity for field storage. Our hay has been well received by cattle owners, horse owners, and even goat owners. We bale 4×5 round bales and loading is always free.

We do not currently offer delivery. We are available 8:00 am to dark Monday thru Friday. Please call ahead of time if hay is needed on Saturday or Sunday. You can always leave a message and we will call you back!

14505 E State Highway 243
Kaufman TX 75142-7078